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Not all bedside cabinets have the same installation method. This is just one. There are many different bedside cabinets with different installation methods.

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The three-section bedside table slide rail of the bedside table is equipped with an adjusting nail structure. The height of the bedside table can be adjusted with the adjusting nails during installation, and the bedside table can be locked with the locking nails of the damping slide rail. The bedside table can be pushed and pulled freely. If you want to remove the bedside table, you only need to pull out the locking nails of the slide rail, and then the bedside table can be lifted and separated from the slide rail. Assemble bedside table slide rails. First determine which bedside table slide rails to use. Generally, three-section concealed slide rails are used. Please determine the length of your bedside table and the depth of the counter according to certain data, and choose the corresponding size to assemble on the bedside table. . Secondly, assemble the five boards of the bedside table, screw on the screws, the bedside table panel has a slot, after processing, put the bedside table on the assembled bedside table, let the adjustment nail holes match, and then push the locking nails in Lock the bedside table and slide rails. Finally, to assemble the cabinet, you need to screw the plastic holes on the side panel of the cabinet first, and then install the track removed from the top. A slide rail is fixed one after the other with two small screws. Both sides of the cabinet must be assembled and fixed.

After the slide rails of the bedside table are installed, align the ends of the movable rails (inner rails) on the side panels of the bedside table with the ends of the fixed rails (middle rails), and then gently push them inward. With a click, it means that the movable rail and the fixed rail have been linked, and the bedside table can be pushed and pulled freely.

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