Alice can provide nameplates,labels,stickers,logo tags,name plates,badges custom OEM service,materials including zinc alloy,aluminum,stainless steel,brass,copper,pvc,pet,pe etc.

How we provide the OEM service?

First,In order to make your satisfied product, please provide as detailed design drawings and product requirements as possible,like the materials,size,color,thickness,surface effect etc.Or samples you have done before.

Second,confirm samples time,usually 3-7 days.The specific time is negotiated according to the process of the label nameplates.

Third,we will charge a sample fee and make samples according to customer requirements.Different sample fees will be charged according to the material, size, process, etc.

Fourth,after the sample is completed, customer confirms the sample effect, price, etc.

Fifth,confirm the sample and sign the contract. The customer pays the deposit, our factory produces according to the sample standard and delivery deadline,and provide after-sales service.

Nameplate process production display-Alice

The whole process of Alice making signs: Customer visits Alice label manufacturer-Design-Material cutting-Film exposure process-Etching-Screen printing-Stamping-Double-sided tape on the back-Quality control-Shipment

Factory workshop introduction (6)

When labeling the oil pressure, it is divided according to the pressure. Different materials, sizes, and thicknesses will use different pressure machines.

China orignal materials for custom nameplate manufacturer-Alice

Generally, the materials for custom nameplates we have in stock are aluminum,stainless steel,titanium.
Our materials are distinguished according to material, item, thickness, etc.
Like this one ,item is 304,silver mirror stainless steel,thickness is 0.4mm
All of our materials are with protect film surface,like the brushed stainless steel,you can see the surface is brushed.and the silver mirror surface stainless steel

what our factory can offer to you-Alice

what our factory can offer to you-Alice.
Shenzhen Alice Yuan Science&Technology Co.,ltd is a nameplates manufacturer,who has been committed to producing all kinds of precision nameplates,with outstanding quality,considerate service and good integrity since its establishment in 1998.
Alice can provide all-category label production services,mainly include Stainless steel label,Copper badge,Brass badge,Zinc alloy label,Aluminum Badge,Electroformed nickel label,Fabric nameplate,PVC label etc.Covering processes including Etching,Printing,Stamping,Extrusion,High Gloss,Oxidation,Die Casting,Polishing,Plating,Epoxy etc.


How to Make Metal Furniture Sign: Design - Mould - Die casting - Polishing - Plating - Double tape behind or other attachment.

Different metal label materials-Alice

Metal labels can be seen everywhere in our lives, such as furniture, home appliances, electronic products, digital products, packaging products, machinery and equipment, etc. The usefulness of the label is an information communication medium, which has the function of advertising.

What areas are metal signs used in?-Alice

Metal signs are used more and more in various fields of modern society and are widely used in electronic products, home appliances, machinery and civil products. Metal signs, acrylic signs, crystal signs, slate signs, PVC signs, plastic signs, etc. The production of metal signs is mainly based on copper, iron, aluminium, zinc alloy, titanium, stainless steel and other raw materials, through stamping, die-casting, etching, printing, enamel, imitation enamel, and baking paint, dripping, electroplating and other processes.

Factory workshop introduction (2)-Alice signs the factory floor.

We have a total of 10 stamping machines, with three models of small,medium and large.Can meet the various needs of customers.We can stamping Materials with stainless steel, copper, iron, aluminum alloy, titanium, pvc, etc.The thickness from 0.1 to 1.0mm

Professional factory workshop introduction (3)-Alice manufacturer

metal labels,metal nameplates,metal logo,metal plaque,metal stickers
Generally, in order to save costs, we will make a big board first,the size of this board is about 405mm in length and 250mm in width,So how do we make a large board product into a small size nameplate that customers need?this requires our stamping mold.
We now have about 300 sets of molds that have been in use,all of the molds are customized according to your nameplates

China metal nameplates custom mold-Alice supplier

We will make a simple number on each set of molds and record it in the Excel spreadsheet.Including item number and products size.At the same time, will make a detailed EXCEL record form,Including serial number, product size, customer name, hole spacing, how many products can be stamped by the mold at one time, etc.
The whole production of   is completed by the combination of sophisticated equipment and professional staff.

China Factory workshop introduction (5)- Alice manufacturers

And if the nameplates size or shape is different, the positioning hole at the mold will be different,If the mold and the positioning hole of the large plate cannot be fitted, the nameplates can not be punched out

Factory (7)-We will check the quality of the products before shipment to make sure that the products are not damaged

Factory workshop introduction (7)-We will check the quality of the products before shipment to make sure that the products are not damaged
We will base on the difficulty of each label process,To appropriately increase the frequency of quality inspections,In addition to a full inspection before shipment,We will also add process inspection after oxidation, etching,drilling,highlight and so on,To ensure that the labels we made meet customer quality requirements

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