Alice can provide all-category label manufacturing services, mainly include Stainless steel label, Copper badge, Brass badge, Zinc alloy label, Aluminum Badge, Electroformed nickel label, etc.Stainless steel label, Fabric nameplate, PVC label etc. Customize Various metal nameplates and labels Please find us, a professional label manufacturer.

Best Quality Rectangle Aluminum Label Factory
Professional Rectangle Aluminum Label manufacturer, details about Rectangle Aluminum Label.21 years of metal sign production experience, from trademark design to mold development to product molding, every link is meticulous and strives for perfection;Introduce sophisticated equipment from abroad, select materials at the source, control the entire production management system, and strive to create the most perfect quality.
Best Rounded  CD Lines Aluminum Badge Supplier-Alice factory
Looking for Rounded Aluminum Badge Supplier? Details about Rounded Aluminum Badge.We (Alice) are a 21-year professional metal sign customization enterprise. We have more than 100 employees, a 1500 square meter production base, and continue to introduce professional modern production equipment. In order to meet the needs of market competition and follow the economic trend, in recent years, we have continuously developed domestic and foreign e-commerce trade business, constantly making progress and innovating.
Best China best Aluminum badge manufacturers-Alice Factory Price - Alice
Professional Aluminum badge manufacture, details about best Aluminum badge.Alice Best China best Aluminum badge manufacturers-Alice Factory Price - Alice,Own factory and more than 100 employees,the costs are less than same industry 2% with same quality.We (Alice) are a professional manufacturer of furniture nameplates, we can produce zinc alloy, aluminum, copper, brass, pvc, etc. Metal signs and nameplates are widely used, covering all walks of life, and support customization.
Aluminum alloy labels are widely used in daily life-China aluminum badge manufacturers-Alice
Looking for aluminum badge? Details about red aluminum badgeBadge is a most important part of any product for its identification the overall image and strength of Manufacturer.An alloy based on aluminum with a certain amount of other alloying elements is one of the light metal materials.
The metal name plates highlight on the furniture were made in this way-Alice
The metal name plates highlight on the furniture were made in this wayThis product is hugely recommended by a large number of customers.metal name plates highligt process
Customized gold metal engraved badge manufacturers From China
Professional customer service has a positive influence on the development of .Alice Customized gold metal engraved badge manufacturers From China,RGD is less than 3%,according to have a cooperation with Skyworth,B&W,yamatoya and HUAWEI
Professional Private Brand Label manufacturers-Alice
Professional Private Brand Label designed with great delicacy and sophistication. It is designed conforming to the latest trends in the furniture industry, no matter in style, space arrangement, characteristics such as strong wear and stain resistance.
Electroformed nickel label is a new type of metal bump pasted electroforming label, also known as metal label
Nickel signs are also called metal label: they have excellent processing properties and excellent decorative effects. Its characteristics are noble, eye-catching, glossy, fashionable, unique craftsmanship, high technical content, and easy to use. Suitable for mobile phones, equipment, household appliances, chassis, displays, audio, packaging boxes, belt buckles, musical instruments and other products.
HighQuality Zinc alloy nameplate Wholesale
Before Alice is shipped, quality tests on chromatism, dents on the surface, deformation, oxidation, dimension, welding joint, etc. will be conducted to make sure its quality.
Customized Zinc alloy nameplate manufacturers From China
Looking for Zinc alloy nameplate? Details about Professional custom Zinc alloy nameplate manufacturer and wholesale Zinc alloy nameplate
how many installation methods for aluminum label-Alice
how many installation methods for aluminum label-Alice.The product has the advantage of chemical resistance. It can withstand the impacts of chemicals such as acids, salts, and alkalis.
Best Aluminum Highlight Nameplate Supplier-Alice
Best Aluminum Highlight Nameplate Supplier-AliceHighlighting is the effect of milling on the edge or embossing of aluminum parts that need to be conspicuously processed.The usual effect has bright edges(C edges),bright surface,CD pattern,twill etc.