It is a great honor to be able to establish a win-win relationship with many world-renowned companies in Asia, Europe, America, etc.Provide high-quality signs and nameplates.Not only beautify products, but also help brand image and promotion.

Looking for where the metal labels are on the furniture- Alice
Alice’s main produce has all kind of signboard made from stainless steel, titanium, copper to aluminum and so on. Covering etching, compression casting, oxidizing, polishing, rubbering in process etc. Meanwhile, Alice can make all of cards, such as badge, the frosting sign, the house number, plate number, Bar Code Stickers, metal labels for furniture and so on.
Wholesale A professional furniture label manufacturer-Alice with good price - Alice
We (Alice) are a professional manufacturer of furniture nameplates, we can produce zinc alloy, aluminium, copper, brass, PVC, etc. Metal signs and nameplates are widely used, covering all walks of life, and supporting family customization. The signs produced are light and practical, beautiful and generous, with exquisite details, smooth workmanship, and a strong three-dimensional impression. It is a common surface treatmentAlice Wholesale A professional furniture label manufacturer-Alice with good price - Alice has, Own factory and more than 100 employees, the costs are less than the same industry 2% with the same quality.
Self-adhesive stickers are widely used, suitable for all walks of life-Alice factory
Self-adhesive stickers are widely used, suitable for all walks of life-Alice engages in proactive steps to satisfy the customer’s needs. We have a wide variety of sticker warehouses, which can be purchased in stock or customized according to customer requirements. Generally, we can deliver goods in one day when we buy in stock. Customization generally takes two to three days to deliver goods.The application of self-adhesive labels is particularly wide. With the improvement of science and technology, the market of self-adhesive printing continues to expand, accounting for most of the applications of trademarks, stickers, signs and nameplates.
Strictly control the quality of metal sign custom process processing and finalization-Alice factory
A hydraulic press (a type of hydraulic press) uses special hydraulic oil as a working medium and a hydraulic pump as a power source. The hydraulic oil enters the cylinder/piston through the hydraulic pipeline by the force of the pump, and then how many are there in the cylinder/piston Set of matched seals, the seals at different positions are different, but they all play the role of sealing, so that the hydraulic oil cannot leak. Finally, through the one-way valve, the hydraulic oil is circulated in the oil tank to make the cylinder/piston cycle to perform work to complete a certain mechanical action as a kind of machinery for productivity.
You design the label I will make the label for you. I design labels for you, and make labels for you-Alice
The sign has the function of marking and warning, and the sign mainly expresses its function through vision. For example in text communication, signs have symbolic, directional, suggestive and other functions.Text styles can express character, background, and meaning. Forms and signs together express symbolic and structural meanings.
Customized processing of metal signs, stamping production process of signs-Alice factory
The principle of the stamping machine is to drive the flywheel through the motor, and through the clutch and transmission gear to drive the crank and connecting rod mechanism to move the slider up and down, and to drive the drawing die to form the steel plate. The so-called double action means that the press has two sliders, which are divided into an inner slider and an outer slider. The inner slider drives the punch or die of the mold, and the outer slider drives the blank holder ring on the mold. At the same time, the blank holder first moves to press the edge of the steel plate, and then the inner slide moves to stretch. In fact, what we call a punching machine is a common name, which is what we often call a punching machine. The scientific name should be called press.