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Can the fully automatic pulsator washing machine be placed upside down? Through the above introduction, we can see that it is best not to place the fully automatic pulsator washing machine upside down to avoid water leakage, electrical and mechanical burnout, etc.

1. After use, turn off the "power switch", turn off the water inlet faucet, drain the water in the bucket and drain pipe, hang the drain pipe on the hook, and unplug the power plug from the socket.

2. After each washing, the lint filter should be cleaned. The filter screen of the inlet valve and the filter screen of the inlet pipe connector should also be cleaned regularly to keep the water flowing smoothly.

3. Do not place heavy objects or heating appliances on the cover of the washing machine to avoid deformation of the cover and other plastic parts.

4. For motors, capacitors, circuits, switches and timers that often work in humid environments, keep them dry and avoid getting wet. Transmission parts such as motor bearings should be refueled regularly.

5. Do not use in the environment of zero degrees and below, and do not store water in the washing machine.

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