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With the popularity of all kinds of home appliances, washing machines have become an essential facility for families. With the innovation of home appliance technology, washing machines have been promoted from semi-automatic to fully automatic, and from ordinary fully automatic washing machines to fully automatic pulsator washing machines.

1. When transporting: can the fully automatic pulsator washing machine be upside down?

In the actual transportation process, many people put some items upside down in order to make reasonable use of space. The washing machine is a household appliance. It has a strict manufacturing structure and generally cannot be put down and transported. But under special circumstances, the problem is not big when the automatic pulsator washing machine is put down for transportation. The key is to wish the protection of the shell well, because the shell is made of iron sheet, so before transportation, wrap the washing machine with shock-absorbing items a few more times, and simply fix the washing machine with foam or sheets.

2. When repairing: can the automatic pulsator washing machine be upside down?

The automatic pulsator washing machine can be repaired by lying down, not upside down, because the water will flow into the circuit and cause leakage and short circuit or damage the original, so you must pay attention to it during maintenance to avoid serious situations. To

3. When in use: can the automatic pulsator washing machine be upside down?

For the fully automatic pulsator washing machine used, it is absolutely impossible to put it upside down. No matter how high-end washing machine, the door seal is not so good. If it is put upside down, the first thing that appears is the problem of water leakage. And many other things happened.

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