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A hydraulic press (a type of hydraulic press) uses special hydraulic oil as a working medium and a hydraulic pump as a power source. The hydraulic oil enters the cylinder/piston through the hydraulic pipeline by the force of the pump, and then how many are there in the cylinder/piston Set of matched seals, the seals at different positions are different, but they all play the role of sealing, so that the hydraulic oil cannot leak. Finally, through the one-way valve, the hydraulic oil is circulated in the oil tank to make the cylinder/piston cycle to perform work to complete a certain mechanical action as a kind of machinery for productivity.










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Product Introduction

A. Hydraulic press structure

The hydraulic press is composed of the main engine and the control mechanism. The main engine part of the hydraulic press includes the body, main cylinder, ejector cylinder and liquid filling device, etc. The power mechanism is composed of a fuel tank, a high-pressure pump, a low-pressure control system, an electric motor, and various pressure valves and directional valves. Under the control of the electric device, the power mechanism realizes the conversion, adjustment and delivery of energy through pumps, cylinders and various hydraulic valves to complete the cycle of various technological actions.

B. Classification of hydraulic press

Hydraulic presses are classified according to their structure: four-column hydraulic presses (three-beam four-column type, five-beam four-column type), double-column type hydraulic presses, single-column type hydraulic presses (C-shaped structure), frame type hydraulic presses, etc.

According to the use of hydraulic press: mainly divided into metal forming hydraulic press, bending hydraulic press, drawing hydraulic press, punching hydraulic press, powder (metal, non-metal) forming hydraulic press, press fit hydraulic press, extrusion hydraulic press, extrusion molding, etc.

C. The hydraulic press directly driven by the hydraulic pump has the following characteristics

1. The stroke speed of the movable beam of the hydraulic press depends on the liquid supply of the pump, and has nothing to do with the deformation resistance of the forging in the process. If the liquid supply of the pump is constant, the working speed of the hydraulic press is a fixed value.

2. The supply pressure and the power consumed by the pump are related to the deformation resistance of the workpiece to be processed. The working deformation resistance is large, and the supply pressure and the consumed power of the pump are also large, and vice versa.

3. The characteristics of the constant stroke speed of the movable beam and the change of the pump supply pressure can be used as a signal for operating the distributor to realize the automatic control of the hydraulic press.

4. The basic investment is low, the area is small, and the daily maintenance and maintenance are simple. The hydraulic pumps in the direct drive system of the pump are all selected according to the maximum working speed and working pressure of the hydraulic press. However, the hydraulic pumps are not fully utilized when the filling stroke, return stroke, auxiliary procedures and required working pressure of the hydraulic press are small, especially It is a large-tonnage hydraulic press, and its utilization factor is very low. Therefore, hydraulic presses tend to be staged transmission of working speed and working pressure

D. Purpose of hydraulic press

It is widely used in the processing of parts and accessories in the automotive industry and the shaping, blanking, correction of various products in various industries, as well as the pressing, embossing, and plate parts of shoemaking, handbags, rubber, molds, shafts, and bushings. Bending, embossing, sleeve stretching and other processes, washing machines, motors, automobile motors, air-conditioning motors, micro motors, servo motors, wheel manufacturing, shock absorbers, motorcycles and machinery industries.

Product Information
Industrial machinery
Small footprint, simple daily maintenance and maintenance
Hydraulic presses are classified according to the structure/use of the hydraulic press
Parts processing and various products in various industries, such as shaping, punching, molds, shafts, embossing, embossing, embossing, stretching, etc.
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Own factory and more than 100 employees,the costs are less than same industry 2% with same quality.
Complete categories and one-stop shopping,ensure that your communication costs are reduced.
Relying on the powerful supply chain system in the Shenzhen Greater Bay Area in China, it can ensure that the production capacity is sufficient to complete large orders.
RGD is less than 3%,according to have a cooperation with Skyworth,B&W,yamatoya and HUAWEI
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A: T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% before delivery. We'll show you the photos of the products and packages  before you pay the balance.
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A:No, you do not need to pay for the mold again, it will be used always.
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A:Yes, of course. We will make the mould for your desige,  then proceed the samples for your to check. Once getting your confirmation, we will start the order then.

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