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For people who are going to buy an electric drying rack, they will generally be more concerned about whether the electric drying rack is easy to break, so as to determine whether to buy an electric drying rack based on their understanding. For people who have purchased electric drying racks, they generally care more about what to do if the electric drying rack is broken, so that the electric drying rack can be repaired according to the application method.

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1. First check whether the drying rack has three sounds, you can quickly determine whether the power supply is normal; check whether you can learn the code, you can quickly determine whether the computer board and the remote control are normal; check the lighting, wind, and disinfection functions, you can quickly determine Whether the functions of each channel are normal; check the up and down functions, you can quickly determine whether the motor and control system are normal; check the resistance function, you can quickly detect whether the protection function is normal, and the machine is not durable.

2. Listen, turn it on and listen to whether there are three beeps. If there are three beeps, it can be judged that the power supply is definitely no problem, and you can save the problem of checking the power supply. Hope, the main thing is to see what the status of the customer’s machine looks like. Is there any abnormal phenomenon, for example, if the clothes rail is too long to hit the anti-theft net and the machine stops, it can help him solve it quickly, and the problem can be quickly found by looking. The main thing is to find the scope of the fault as soon as possible through communication and experimentation with the customer after arriving at the scene, and narrow the scope to a point as much as possible. When measuring, the fault point is determined by the substitution method to remove the fault.

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