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New Chinese style is a style that combines Chinese classical and modern fashion. It not only highlights the modern flavor and unconventional style, but also reflects the charm of mahogany furniture. The line shape is also unique.

The new Chinese style dressing table shows the new Chinese style furniture, which has the characteristics of modern classical furniture that is more popular nowadays. The new Chinese dressing table not only has the beauty of classic and elegant, showing an elegant and noble quality, but also has the beauty of modern simplicity and generosity. The two are combined into one. The historical elements of the main room and modern elements are blended to show a unique simplicity. Classical charm and beauty.

The dressing cabinet and stool of the new Chinese dressing table are relatively simple and smooth in line production, reflecting the lightness and characteristics of a modern sense, abandoning the complicated shape of the traditional Chinese dressing table, and the simple design of the traditional Chinese dressing table also brings classical beauty. Combine with modern beauty as a whole. Generally speaking, the new Chinese dressing table has a lighter color, which reduces the strong retro taste and shows a young appearance.

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