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European-style dressing table, pastoral solid wood carving, neo-classical American makeup table, modern French furniture. American classic retro design, through careful design, demanding material selection, exquisite size and royal and aristocratic painting, rendering the atmosphere of luxury and nobility.

European style solid wood dressing table

The European-style dressing table pays attention to hand-made fine cutting, carving and inlay work, with simple structure, smooth lines, full of dynamic and strong artistic atmosphere. The drawer slide is a three-section ball slide, which makes the drawer pull more smoothly; the door hinge is a hydraulic door hinge imported from Italy, which has passed the test of 5000 times of opening and closing. The rebound force is strong and the rebound force is even.

The three-in-one connectors and screws are all high-quality hardware. The solid wood dressing table is like a treasure box, containing various bottles and cans, making the space more clean and tidy. Therefore, the solid wood dressing table has always been a very important part of home decoration. Exquisite solid wood dressing table with fashionable home style will be a beautiful scenery in the home

Wooden simple dressing table

The board-wood combined furniture has stronger resistance to bending deformation, good endurance, not easy to break, good hand feel, environmentally friendly, no odor, easy to match, to ensure the practical and beautiful effects of the product.

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