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When buying a dressing table, you need to consider many factors, including the size of the room that determines the size of the dressing table, the style of the room determines the style of the dressing table, the taste of the family, economic conditions and other factors.

1. Han Youjia European style dressing table

Size: Dressing table: length 1400*width 530*height 800mm; makeup mirror: length 1086*width 38*height 1046mm

The enchanting rose carvings of this European-style dressing table are delicate, full and three-dimensional, and the elegant color and gold embellishment are more charming and moving. The high-grade thickened mercury mirror has precise edge cutting, clear image on the mirror surface, not easy to scratch, and the back paint is corrosion-resistant, waterproof and moisture-resistant. The exquisite and compact decorative box of the European-style dressing table can store small jewelry, which is convenient and practical.

2. Jian Yajia home style dressing table

Size: Dressing table: length 1150*width 450*height 758mm; makeup mirror: length 585*width 25*height 735m

This European style dressing table has exquisite and fashionable design, exquisite workmanship, and integrates the living elements of rural style. It follows the dignified atmosphere of European home furnishings. The tabletop is smooth and clean. White is the most tasteful space color. The color is natural and true. Elegant atmosphere. The exquisite carvings of the dressing table create every flawless detail with dazzling brilliance, and the exquisite design makes it unique.

3. Faria European style dressing table

Size: total size: length 1300*width 480*height 1677mm; dressing table: length 1300*width 480*height 780mm; makeup mirror: length 787*width 50*height 897mm;

The overall color and lines of this Faria European-style dressing table are soft and elegant, and the fresh combination of ivory white and silver makes the whole space look romantic and sweet, and fully demonstrates the tenderness of women. The light curve of the dressing table, fine carvings, simple shapes, the pursuit of exquisiteness but not cumbersome, the atmosphere of nobility is silently condensed. The simple and classical style of the European-style dressing table is very unique and full of retro flavor, adding an elegant and noble temperament and taste to the space.

4. Hegoo European style dressing table

Size: Dressing table cabinet body: length 993*width 429*height 652mm; attached table: length 1100*width 420*height 751mm; cabinet telescopic range: 1100-1990mm.

Hegou European-style dressing table is in love with the romantic feelings of European-style furniture. The design is magnificent and magnificent, giving people a strong visual effect and sense of ownership. The three-dimensional carvings are gorgeous, shiny and clean, so that you who are pursuing high-quality life will be in the exquisite and elegant European-style boutique Slowly indulged in. The overall shape of this European-style dressing table is generous and elegant, with smooth and romantic lines, exuding a strong European-style atmosphere, low-key elegance and nobleness.

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