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When choosing a bedroom dressing table, be sure to ask if there is a matching chair. It is best to choose a dressing table with a matching chair, so that it will not be overall inconsistent and cause trouble for your own dressing.

European style dressing table maintenance and cleaning

The maintenance of European furniture should pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene. This is one of the key points. For European furniture with stains, when cleaning the furniture, use a soft cleaning appliance such as a feather duster to gently sweep away the dust on the exterior, and then use it. Wipe gently with a soft cloth. For European-style furniture maintenance, you can wipe it gently with a little water. At the same time, you need to clean the interior of the cabinet regularly.

European style dressing table maintenance avoid sun

The maintenance of European-style furniture should not be exposed to the furniture. This is very important. When placing European-style furniture, be careful not to put cold or overheated items on the European-style furniture. Do not put organic substance solution on the surface, which will affect At the end of the life of the furniture, European-style furniture should be maintained and try not to place European-style furniture close to the window.

European style dressing table maintenance and care

The maintenance surface of European style furniture has hardware as decorations. Only use a rag to wipe gently. Remember to clean with detergents containing chemical substances, especially acidic liquids. This will oxidize the hardware decorations and cause discoloration. If the gold-plated surface is really a bit Black spots that are difficult to remove can be wiped with kerosene and then washed with water.

Maintenance and ventilation of European style dressing table

If the European-style furniture is made of wooden furniture, it should not be placed in a damp place to prevent the wood from swelling when wet. It is easy to rot over time and the drawers cannot be opened. Waxing regularly. It’s best to do it every season to make it look more shiny and easier to clean.

Maintenance of European-style dressing table needs persistence

The maintenance of European-style furniture requires time and energy. It must be maintained for a long time. It cannot be said that this maintenance will not be done next time. This requires long-term maintenance, which is accumulated bit by bit, only the maintenance is completed. In order to make you use it for a longer period of time, the maintenance of European style furniture is a long-term job. It is necessary to persevere to extend the life of European-style furniture.

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