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The dressing table should be one of the favorite furniture in women's home life. An elegant and fashionable dressing table will add unlimited femininity to your room.

1. The European style dressing table pays attention to hand-made fine cutting, engraving and inlaying, with concise structure, smooth lines, full of dynamic and strong artistic flavor. The drawer slide is a three-section ball slide, which makes the drawer pull more smoothly; the door hinge is a hydraulic door hinge imported from Yitaiyi, which has passed the test of 5000 times of opening and closing. The rebound force is strong and the rebound force is even. The three-in-one connectors and screws are all high-quality hardware.

2. The arc shape and the straight face are perfectly matched, and the top of the state is designed with an inverted trapezoid shape, and multiple tangent lines are layered to show a three-dimensional effect. The curved design on the top of the mirror and the bottom of the drawer mirrors each other, simple but not simple. The drawers are made of solid wood on the four sides, and the guide rails use three-section ball guide rails, which will not derail or rust, and will be lubricated for a long time. Pastoral style is the princess dream of every cute girl. The little girls who are often touched by the romantic and classic love stories in Korean dramas are very fond of such a Korean-style pastoral dressing table.

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