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Nowadays, many people choose European-style dressing table when buying dressing table. European-style dressing table inherits the style of European-style furniture. It is mainly white, beige and other colors, dignified and elegant, and its materials are generally solid wood, wood-based panels and other woods. Material, natural and harmonious.

Features of European style dressing table:

1. In terms of material, the European style dressing table is generally made of birch, rubber wood, fir, etc., which is a combination of wood or MDF, MDF and other man-made boards. The frame is made of solid wood, the structure is firm and durable, and it is full of natural flavor; others Not part of the countertops are mainly made of wood lacquer affixed with plates, which are smooth and smooth, highlighting high-end fashion. To

2. In the styling design, the exquisite workmanship incorporates the living elements of pastoral style and inherits the romantic elements of European classical home furnishings. The elegant white creates a refined taste, bright and refreshing, natural and true appearance, and elegant atmosphere. The sleek and smooth lines reflect the elegance and romance in the elegant, piano-like shape, fashionable and chic, highlighting the high-end taste of the entire home.

3. In terms of detailed design, the European style dressing table is mostly white and smooth lacquered countertops, elegant curved legs, cute animal horns, and fine carvings inlaid with gold and silver. A flawless detail, giving people aristocratic enjoyment. The outline and turning parts are composed of symmetrical and rhythmic curves or curved surfaces, and are decorated with gold-plated copper ornaments and imitation leather. The structure is simple, the lines are smooth, and the artistic sense is strong. The overall feeling is luxurious and elegant, and very solemn.

4. In terms of space decoration, the European style dressing table loves the romantic feelings of European furniture, draws on the European continental furniture design art, combines the natural beauty of marble and the gilded luxury beauty of hardware decorations, and the overall design is magnificent, giving people a strong vision The effect and sense of ownership exude a strong European style, low-key, elegant and noble. The European-style pastoral dressing table is decorated with soft fabrics, warm wallpaper, lovely picture frames, and vibrant green plants. The exquisite and compact decorative box of the European-style dressing table can store small jewelry, which is convenient and practical.

5. The European style dressing table integrates classic elements into the aesthetics of modern people, and uses advanced manufacturing techniques to interpret neoclassicalism. Its simple and classic shape is very unique, and full of retro atmosphere, adding an elegant and noble temperament and taste to the space.

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