What should I pay attention to when customizing a European-style dressing table? -Alice factory


Custom wardrobes with dressers need to ensure environmental safety issues, so when choosing a custom wardrobe with dressers, you must ensure the environmental protection of the furniture panels, and it is best to avoid sharp corners to prevent children from touching them when playing.

The European-style dressing table is simple in design, no different from an ordinary desk. Put the commonly used skin care products on the countertop, and the drawers that are not commonly used can keep the countertop tidy at all times. Pair it with a retro oval vanity mirror to make the exquisite appearance appear daily. The design of this dressing table is divided into two parts: open and closed. Below are drawers and door cabinets, which can be used to store precious cosmetics, such as lipsticks for lipstick controllers. They are not commonly used, of course, they must be hidden; the upper part It is an open storage compartment.

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