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The dressing table is one of the must-have furniture for every lady who loves beauty. Its source also has a magical experience. It is said that there is a small pavilion in the middle of Qili Mountain, and the mother of the Wanli Emperor at that time, the Empress Dowager Cisheng When passing through this place on the way to worship, get off the sedan chair to dress up before going up the mountain to show her devotion, so there is also the saying that a beautiful woman "dresses and stays in the moon".

The style of the dressing table is also mainly divided into European style, modern and simple style. farmhouse style. There are four types of Chinese styles. The following editor will introduce the characteristics of these dressing tables one by one.

Dressing desktop sample-European style dressing table

The typical feature of the European-style dressing table is romantic and luxurious. It is very particular about the proportion of lines. It is more refined in cutting and engraving. It can be simply divided into French classical style, English country classical style, Spanish classical style, Italian classical style, etc. Among them, the French classical style is beautiful and romantic in the use of shape and color, and it will be charming in the luxurious; the English country classical style is graceful and feminine, with a little pastoral flavor; the Spanish classical style dressing table Generally tall and thick, the whole is bold and unassuming, giving people a feeling of gorgeous and noble; the Italian classical style is more elegant and mysterious, with romantic tones.

Dressing desktop sample-modern minimalist dressing table

The salient feature of the modern minimalist style dressing table is that it is casual and simple, and the design prefers rational colors, which is simple, reasonable and more practical. For example, a desk-style dressing table that combines a dressing table with a desk for reading and writing, or a modular dressing table that is combined with furniture, or a standing dressing table that does not take up space, and so on. It not only meets the psychological needs of women who love beauty, but also better meets the comfortable living conditions of modern people. Including minimalist style and Southeast Asian style.

The modern style dressing table is loved by people mainly because of its humanized design and convenient use. It is not only simple and generous in appearance, but also simple and powerful when used. Reasonable use of every inch of space can make those who have a lot of bits and pieces. The lady of the item was heart-stricken.

Dressing desktop sample-pastoral dressing table

The pastoral dressing table is a relatively popular dressing table, which is neither as gorgeous as European style nor as simple as modern. It has a pastoral atmosphere and can be close to nature. Most of them are mainly white, adding some natural elements and details, which can give people a natural and fresh feeling, which is very interesting in life. Among them, it is divided into British, American, Chinese, French, and South Asian pastoral dressing tables.

Dressing desktop sample-Chinese dressing table

The typical Chinese dressing table has design elements from the Ming and Qing dynasties and is very luxurious. Whether it is the shape or the wood used, it is emphasized with oriental colors, symmetry in shape, contrast in color, and meticulous craftsmanship in the production process. Keep improving.

Whether it’s luxurious European style, simple modern style, or natural atmosphere, the choice of dressing table depends largely on the hostess’s hobbies and her own taste. As long as they are liked and matched appropriately, it is the best , Can make your life full of beauty.

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