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The dressing table is an essential piece of furniture in the bedroom. A good and beautiful dressing table can give the hostess a good mood to dress up beautifully, so choosing a dressing table is very important.

1. Modern and simple dressing table

The modern minimalist dressing table can be viewed from the function, emphasizing the bright and concise appearance, which reflects the fast-paced, simple and practical of modern life, but the vigorous life style furniture emphasizes the functional design, the design lines are simple and smooth, and the color The contrast is strong. The unique luster makes the modern and simple dressing table more fashionable, which is the coexistence of comfort and beauty. In the accessories, the main color of black, white and gray is adopted, with simple shapes and perfect details, giving people a fashionable and avant-garde feeling.

2. Chinese dressing table

The neo-classical Chinese dressing table inherits the design elements of the heyday of Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is magnificent, magnificent and luxurious, exquisite in shape and symmetry, and contrasts in colors. The decorative materials are mainly wood, and are exquisitely crafted and magnificent. Chinese neoclassical introduces western manufacturing techniques, combines Chinese culture, and injects oriental spirituality to create the purest neoclassical Chinese dressing table.

3. Pastoral dressing table

Pastoral dressing table is a kind of mass-decorated dressing table, which expresses the atmosphere of the countryside through decoration and decoration. It is a dressing table that is close to nature and yearns for nature. The characteristics of the pastoral dressing table are simplicity, kindness, and realism. The simplicity of the pastoral dressing table is one of the most popular features of many choosing this style dressing table. In the noisy city, people want to get close to nature and pursue a simple life. The pastoral dressing table is mostly white, drawing design inspiration from nature, pursuing the natural and fresh atmosphere of the ancient pastoral style, low-key and full of life interest.

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