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The dressing table that is often seen in the furniture market is basically pure solid wood. Its biggest feature is that it is strong and durable, and it has a long service life. Another outstanding advantage is that it is more environmentally friendly.

1. Solid wood

The price of solid wood dressing table is relatively more expensive, but it is also the most environmentally friendly. When buying solid wood dressing table, you must ask what kind of wood it is and what structure it is installed with. Otherwise, it may crack or even loosen.

The common woods of solid wood dressing table are cherry wood, white oak, ash, walnut, and ash. When purchasing, pay attention to 3 questions:

①Is the dressing table made of solid wood, such as whether the side panels of the dressing table drawer are all solid wood, which is relatively more environmentally friendly.

②What kind of paint is painted on the surface of the dressing table, whether it is wood wax oil or water-based paint. Relatively speaking, wood wax oil is more environmentally friendly than water-based paint, because water-based paint contains various additives, which contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene. Wood wax oil is relatively natural, and it is more environmentally friendly than water-based paint.

③Ask clearly whether the furniture assembly structure is a tenon-and-mortise structure. The furniture with a tenon-and-mortise structure combination is more durable!

2. Sheet

The shape of man-made boards can be changed in many ways, and the price is cheap, but when you buy them, you must ask what kind of man-made boards to use. Generally, there are three common types: density board, particle board, and multilayer solid wood board. For domestic boards, multilayer solid wood boards Relatively speaking, it is more environmentally friendly, but the specific type of sheet is more environmentally friendly, in fact, it depends on which brand of sheet is produced. For example, although foreign EGGER board is a particle board, it can reach the Japanese F4 star environmental protection level. It is also relatively environmentally friendly, and domestically produced panels, as long as they meet the E1 standard, the formaldehyde emission is ≤0.124mg/m3.

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