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If your bedroom space is relatively small, less than 10 square meters, and the size of the dressing table is relatively high, you can choose a custom form, so that the custom design of the measuring ruler can use the space ingeniously, and the dressing table can also be combined with other furniture designs , Such as combined with a wardrobe.

Custom dressing table

①Small space, choose custom dressing table

The finished dressing table is relatively flexible, but the finished dressing table requires space. If you need to place it at the head of the bed, the space between the bed and the wall or the wardrobe, at least 600mm or more should be reserved. The head position is relatively narrow, and there is no space for the dressing table with a width of 600mm. Then you must consider placing the dressing table at the foot of the bed or other places. If the dressing table is placed at the foot of the bed or by the window, you can choose a custom design. The combination of other furniture saves more space.

②Space special situation

If there happens to be a recess in the room, you can use the recess space to customize a dressing table, which can save more space!

③ Combination of dressing table and wardrobe

The combination of the dressing table and the overall wardrobe customization not only effectively uses the space, but also makes the space more integrated. Use the position of the closet and the corner of the wall to place the dressing table, which can also be used as an office desk at ordinary times.

The dressing table and the wardrobe are integrated into an integrated design, which can save more space and use the space above the dressing table.

④ The dressing table is set in the cloakroom

The dressing table can also be set in the cloakroom, a cloakroom that integrates dressing and dressing, which not only meets the storage needs of the family, but also greatly facilitates the life of the hostess.

⑤ Dressing table with a combination of dressing table and window

The dressing table is connected with the bay window to form an independent space, which can not only make full use of every inch of the room, but also meet the needs of placing the dressing table. It saves space and is suitable for small-sized rooms. The specific method is in the original floating window. The cabinet is customized on the basis of the window, raised and the table top extends a little outside, making it easy to put your feet.

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