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If your bedroom is more than 10 square meters, the space is relatively spacious, and the position of the dressing table is not limited, you can choose the finished dressing table, the independent finished dressing table is flexible and free, and the decoration effect is better.

Finished dressing table

①Ordinary dressing table

There are many styles of ordinary independent dressing table. You can choose according to the decoration style of your home. For example, if your room is Japanese style, you can choose a log color dressing table. If it is a princess style, you can choose a white paint dressing table. The ordinary dressing table is more versatile.

②Folding dressing table

Folding dressing table generally refers to that the dressing mirror can be folded and put away. It is more suitable for the apartment type where the dressing table faces the door or the bed. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the mirror is not good for the door or the bed, so You can choose this kind of mirror that can be folded up, and when you need it, you can turn it up and use it.

After the folding dressing table mirror is folded, the dressing table can also be used as a desk, which is very convenient. There is no need to put a desk in the bedroom, which saves time.

③Retractable dressing table

The retractable dressing table with drawer combination can be adjusted in length according to the size of the space. This combination design with drawers can increase a lot of storage space. It can be placed next to the bed or used as a bedside table. A piece of furniture has multiple uses. It saves space and can also adjust the direction of placement. If you have more cosmetics, you can choose this retractable dressing table with more storage space.

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