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After decorating the bedroom, it is necessary to purchase furniture. The furniture is more expensive and the furniture is relatively large. Therefore, everyone is very cautious when buying. Many people will choose according to their favorites. .

1. The placement of the bed

The bed is the main household in the bedroom, so the placement of the bed is also very particular. The headboard of the bed is designed to lean against the wall and avoid hollowing out, which means it has the meaning of backing, which can bring people a sense of security, and at the same time, the occupants will also have a good body and mind. The bed should not be against the toilet wall to avoid foul air. It is also not suitable to be placed under the suspension beam, that is, the expression of pressure beam. The best distance between the bed surface and the ground is about 50cm. Maintaining air circulation at the bottom of the bed and reducing the moisture on the ground are also important factors in terms of health.

2. The placement of the mirror

There is a heart for beauty. Whether it is ancient or modern, people like to put some mirrors in the bedroom space, and the mirrors are placed in the bedroom furniture and Feng Shui is very particular, a mirror should not be facing At the same time, it is not appropriate to face Geely. Because the mirror in the bedroom furniture Feng Shui is mainly used to illuminate the evil. The so-called "Zhao Sha" refers to hanging the mirror to reflect the bad air coming straight in. It is not suitable to face the head of the bed, which can easily lead to restless sleep.

3. The placement of tables and shelves

For convenience and storage needs, the appearance of tables and shelves in modern bedroom furniture is not unusual. Tables can be used to eat and write; shelves can be used to store some objects. However, due to the small size of many modern houses, it will take a lot of effort to confiscate every inch of space. In the layout of bedroom furniture, we only use the furniture layout to accommodate the entire bedroom space, so in many cases, tables and shelves that do not conform to the principles of Feng Shui appear in the layout of the furniture, such as too many sharp shapes. It should be avoided, and the interior of the master bedroom should also be decorated with sleek corners.

4. Placement of wardrobes and suitcases

The space of the master bedroom is limited, and many residents usually cause inconvenience and inconvenience when placing wardrobes and suitcases. In the bedroom furniture placed in Feng Shui, such as placing closets and suitcases in the master bedroom will easily affect the living, this situation is unwise for many residents. In order to make effective use of its bedroom space, it is better to arrange wardrobes, dressing tables and other furniture in a row as much as possible for the place where the wardrobe and suitcase are placed.

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