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Mahogany furniture is a kind of high-end furniture. In the original society, only the old wealthy landlords had enough money to buy it. Now it’s different. Basically, every household will have one or two pieces of mahogany furniture, even those used by the company. Mahogany desks appeared on the desks

1. Rosewood

Rosewood belongs to the middle-to-high grade among the mahogany. The red sandalwood itself has a fragrance and a beautiful color. The color of red sandalwood presents the role of rhino, and it becomes purple-black when exposed to the air for a long time. Moreover, red sandalwood has many advantages, such as many kinds of patterns, hard wood, heavy hand feeling, and luster, etc., so it is very popular. Most of the red sandalwood was produced in the Qing Dynasty, and most of them were small pieces, so the red sandalwood is also very precious.

2. Rosewood

Rosewood is very similar to rosewood. Rosewood is a familiar species. It has uniform color, dark stripes, delicate fragrance, wear resistance, fine wood, bright colors, and red-yellow wood. It is often used for making Furniture, etc., it is also very good to choose as a desk.

In addition to the common types of mahogany mentioned above, there are two more common types of huanghuali and wenge, which are very good choices for office work. But relatively speaking, mahogany desks are considered high-end furniture, and they must be reasonably expensive. We must consider our own economic conditions when buying.

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