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Brand introduction of European style desk:

1. Royal Furniture, Royal Furniture is also a furniture brand in Beijing. It is one of the most favorite European furniture brands of the people in Beijing. It is a very competitive brand in the industry. It is a modern production base based on relatively high-end European classic furniture. The service is also quite unique and in place. If you have the opportunity, you can go to Royal Furniture to have a look.

2. Oufeng Furniture. Oufeng Furniture was established in 1981, focusing on product sales, focusing on the sales of original European imported country and classic style furniture products. In addition, Oufeng Furniture also acts as an agent for many brands in mainland China, and opened a number of chain furniture sales points in Taiwan. Become a rare multi-brand furniture sales agent in the industry.

3. Zhiya Furniture, Shenzhen Zhiya Furniture Co., Ltd. mainly deals in sofas and other products. The company respects the enterprise spirit of "pragmatic, hard work, and responsibility", and creates a good corporate environment with integrity, win-win, and innovative business philosophy. It uses a brand-new management model, perfect technology, thoughtful service, and excellent quality as the basis for survival. , We always insist on customer first and serve customers with heart, and insist on impressing customers with our own service.

4. Xiachi Furniture. Xiachi Furniture is a Sino-foreign joint venture in Shanghai. Its main products are European-style furniture of top Spanish brands. The furniture is manufactured in a very sophisticated and high-end way, taking the route of high-end furniture. If you like more luxurious furniture types, you can go to Xiachi Furniture.

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