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In terms of materials, desks include solid wood desks and wood-based desks; in terms of styles, there are Chinese-style desks and European-style desks. The matching of the desk we bought with the home depends on the choice of color, size, and details.

Tips for desk matching:

1. The choice of color

If it is a study room for children, it is best to choose bold and bright colors to stimulate their curiosity and imagination, and it is best not to use too deep colors. The choice of color should correspond to the color of the room.

2. The choice of size

The choice of desk size is related to the size of the entire study space, not the bigger the better. If it is a small-space study, and then put a large desk, I am afraid that there will be very little room for movement.

3. The choice of details

The lines of the desk and chair should be smooth and smooth, and the round or arc-shaped edges are the best. This is for safety considerations, especially for families with small children. The height of the desk is similar to that of children, and it is easy to get hurt.

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