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The big brands are all straight-edged, and only the school desks have arc openings. The arc mouth is a kind of conceptual hype, and it can also be said to be a selling point of marketing or sales.

1- The patented design claimed by the arc mouth brand. After inquiries, there is no such patent application. It shows that the so-called exclusive patent design is purely deceiving consumers.

2-The arc mouth study table does not meet the standard of one punch and one foot. Going closer, too close to the textbook, the child's writing pattern is even more powerful.

3- The arc mouth wastes the limited usable area of the table board, which results in a full A4 textbook, which makes it impossible to use it from small to large.

4-The size of the arc mouth is fixed, and the child's waist circumference is constantly changing. The arc mouth does not meet the adjustability, so it does not meet the ergonomic design.

5-The arc mouth design, the child will use the hip as the axis, and the upper body will rotate around the arc. Cause the child to learn sideways

6- The seat belt has been exposed, there is a danger of entanglement and suffocation, and it does not meet the national mandatory safety certification.

7-Seat belt design The child is tied on one side of the shoulder, and when writing, lean forward, and the other side of the shoulder will move forward. Resulting in high and low shoulders.

8- One foot, one punch and one inch. The child reads and writes and wants to leave the table with a punch. And the schools are straight-sided. There are too many disadvantages of the arc, and children are not used to it.

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