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Furniture made of walnut has its superior material characteristics in terms of form, structure, material, linear or carving craftsmanship and other artistic expressions. The walnut wood is very well-proportioned in color. Its wooden tube holes also contain dark deposits, gums, and grease. The furniture made is high-quality, high-grade and guaranteed to be used and beautiful.


1. The walnut wood is elegant in color, the wood grain is exquisite and unique, clear and charming, and the furniture made is elegant and generous;

2. Walnut has a low sweat rate, and the dry shrinkage and swelling of the wood will not have a significant impact on walnut furniture;

3. Walnut furniture is not easy to crack and deform.

4. Strong hot pressing ability; strong durability; strong anti-corrosion ability of heartwood.


1. Walnut furniture is expensive, and it is difficult for ordinary families to afford it;

2. The wood structure of walnut is not as tight as mahogany, and its resistance to compression and bending is only moderate;

3. The exposed parts of walnut furniture need to be well protected to avoid damage.

4. Sapwood is easy to be damaged by mealy beetles; moderate bending and compression resistance, and poor toughness.

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