What is good on the pine desk?-Alice factory


Everyone knows the desk, it is a very common furniture in our daily life. The desk can not only be used to place books and magazines, but also some small items such as stationery, tea cups, photo frames, etc. It is very practical furniture. There are many materials and types of desks. For example, pine desks are very popular.

1. Because of the soft wood of the pine desk, be careful when cleaning it. Use a soft cloth to follow the grain of the wood to remove dust from the furniture. Before removing the dust, you should dip a neutral detergent on the soft cloth;

2. When using the pine desk, use a mat under the hot plate as much as possible to avoid spilling the food soup, staining or damaging the desk;

3. Try to avoid contact with corrosive liquid, alcohol, nail polish, etc. on the pine book desk. You can spread a tablecloth or a soft transparent PVC material on the pine desk surface, which can effectively extend the service life of the pine desk.

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