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Everyone knows the desk, it is a very common furniture in our daily life. The desk can not only be used to place books and magazines, but also some small items such as stationery, tea cups, photo frames, etc. It is very practical furniture. There are many materials and types of desks. For example, pine desks are very popular.

Although the pine desk is good, it also has the disadvantages of "congenital deficiency" such as soft wood:

1. Compared with the smooth surface of ordinary solid wood furniture, the surface of the pine desk has obvious knots;

2. The pine desk has a chemical change with the air after a long time of use, the color will become darker;

3. The pine desk wood is too soft and cannot withstand bumps during use. A slight touch will leave a clear mark. Not only that, pine furniture is also easy to crack, even when it is just bought back and assembled, it will appear cracking. The phenomenon.

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