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Everyone knows the desk, it is a very common furniture in our daily life. The desk can not only be used to place books and magazines, but also some small items such as stationery, tea cups, photo frames, etc. It is very practical furniture. There are many materials and types of desks. For example, pine desks are very popular.

1. Pine belongs to coniferous forest, with high forest coverage. After being processed into lumber without manual pruning, the branches and nodes will show signs of natural growth. It can fully demonstrate the authenticity, honesty and natural beauty of the material;

2. The pine desk has a simple and generous shape, full and smooth lines, and a small amount of carving craftsmanship makes it environmentally friendly and healthy;

3. As long as the pine desk is maintained irregularly, its service life is very long;

4. The pine desk emits a peculiar smell of logs, which is not only harmless to the human body but also beneficial to health.

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