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Everyone knows the desk, it is a very common furniture in our daily life. The desk can not only be used to place books and magazines, but also some small items such as stationery, tea cups, photo frames, etc. It is very practical furniture. There are many materials and types of desks. For example, pine desks are very popular.

1. The color is natural, the natural color of pine is maintained, and the texture is clear and beautiful;

2. The shape is simple and generous, and the lines are full and smooth, showing a good texture;

3. Strong practicability and durability;

4. Strong elasticity and air permeability, good thermal conductivity and simple maintenance;

5. Pine has a long growth cycle, fine annual rings, flexible wood texture, and low oil content in trees;

6. The pine desk maintains the natural color of the wood in the color combination. Whether it is traditional or modern, it pursues a pure, simple, concise and practical style, which caters to the psychological trend of modern urbanites who return to nature and return to their true self.

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