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There are many types of office furniture, and not all office furniture sizes are the same.

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The office furniture dimensions are as follows:

1. Office desk: length: 1200-1600mm; width: 500-650mm 5 height; 700-800mm.

2. Office chair: high; 400-450mm length × width: 450 × 450 (mm).

3. Sofa: width: 600-800mm; height: 350-400mm; backrest: 1000mm.

4. Coffee table; front type: 900×400×400(height)( mm); center type: 900x 900×400(mm), 700×700×400(mm); left and right type: 600×400×400(mm) ).

5. Bookcase: height: 1800mm, width: 1200-1500mm; depth: 450-500mm.

6. Bookshelf: height: 1800mm 6 width: 1000-1300mm; depth: 350-450mm.

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