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When purchasing a children’s desk, you should choose a desk that matches your child’s body. It is best to choose a growth desk. The height of the desk can be changed according to the child’s physical development.

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1. When purchasing a children's desk, you should choose a desk that matches your child's body shape. It is best to choose a growth desk. The height of the desk can be changed according to the child's physical development. However, most of the growth desks are independent desks and have poor functionality. It is not recommended to choose children's rooms with small space.

2. The most important point when purchasing, the design of the desk must be in line with ergonomics, which is convenient for cultivating children to maintain good sitting posture and eye habits, which is conducive to the growth and development of children.

3. In the choice of materials, we must choose safe and reliable children's environmental protection furniture. Among them, children's solid wood furniture is a good choice, that is, environmentally friendly and healthy, but also strong in texture, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. In addition, the desk must use environmentally friendly paint and environmentally friendly glue to avoid the volatilization of harmful substances and affect the children's physical and mental health.

4. The details of the desk should not be ignored. Avoid choosing children's desks with hard metal surfaces, and the sharp corners need special treatment to prevent children from causing unnecessary harm in their daily lives.

5. There are many types of children’s desks. The traditional desk is the most popular with parents and children. The traditional desk is generally a combination of a desk and a bookshelf. The advantage is that it can store a lot of books, which saves space and is convenient to take. Among the traditional desks, the corner desk is also popular. It can perfectly combine the desk with the computer desk, which is comfortable and convenient, and entertaining.

6. When choosing a children's desk, you must match the design style and color of the children's room, consider the size, and avoid buying it and not using it. In addition, it is best to bring your baby when buying a desk, because you may not know the world of children, let alone their inner preferences. In most cases, boys prefer blue and girls prefer pink. In fact, there are many colors for you to choose from, such as simple and clean ivory white, harmonious and natural olive green and so on.

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