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Divided by materials: solid wood desks and wood-based desks.

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Divided by materials: solid wood desks and wood-based desks

1. Solid wood desk: refers to the desk materials are all made of solid wood, exquisite workmanship, high-grade, and relatively expensive.

2. Wood-based desk: It means that the material of the desk is made of wood-based board, which is relatively common and common, low in price, simple and practical.

Divided by styles: Chinese desks and European desks

1. Chinese-style desk: suitable for a Chinese-style study room, with an antique taste and a strong scroll atmosphere, which can also allow the space to show a peaceful atmosphere.

2. European-style desk: suitable for the European-style study, commensurate with the overall style of the study, exquisite style, exquisite sculpture, with the legacy of a European palace.

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