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The desk is used for many purposes. It can be used for reading and writing or for office use.

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The upper part of the desk is a drawer and a keyboard tray (the two have the same width and can be interchanged), and there are only two partitions on the lower part, which are arranged in this way: the left half of the desk is placed with a horizontal chassis and a monitor, and the left half of the desk is left empty. One half can temporarily place manuscripts and computer reference books, and it can also be used as a desk at ordinary times.

In the small drawer, there are manuals, startup disks, anti-virus disks, commonly used CDs, etc., and you can take them when you use them. A speaker is placed on the left and right corners of the two partitions below, not occupying the desktop. The biggest advantage of this style is that it is suitable for both horizontal and vertical chassis. The legs can stretch out and you can sit side by side. You can learn skills and play games together. The keyboard tray can be flexibly placed on the left or right according to your needs. , Very suitable for family use.

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