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The standard size of the desk is classified by size.

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1. According to size

There are single desks and double desks. Single desks are generally 130cm in length, 75cm in width, and less than 75cm in height. This size is more commonly used by people. The double desk is 200cm in length and 75cm in width. But different varieties, sizes and styles are also different, you can adjust according to your own needs.

2. According to adults and children

The standard size and style of adult desks will certainly not care so much. But the child’s desk is different, because the child is growing up, the inappropriate desk size will affect the child’s development, so the child’s desk size design is very user-friendly, the desk height can be adjusted at will, the size is between 55cm-78cm , The width is between 62cm-122cm.

3. The desk and chair match

If you want to have a comfortable place to study, it is not enough to have a suitable desk, you also need a matching chair, because you can't stand while reading. The seat should be matched with the desk, the height is just right, soft and comfortable, preferably the swivel chair, the height is generally 35cm-46cm, which is convenient for people to move around.

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