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The materials of the desks are probably: solid wood desks, glass desks, stainless steel desks, wood-based desks, plastic desks, etc.

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1. Solid wood desk

Solid wood desks are relatively modest in appearance, but they are also the most practical and comfortable desks. However, in terms of fashion and future sense, solid wood desks may be lacking compared to desks of other materials.

2. Glass desk

Glass desks are not common, and generally few consumers will ask to buy glass desks. However, the glass desk is very outstanding in appearance, and many fashion elements are added to it, and there are even irregular elements in it.

3. Stainless steel desk

Stainless steel desks are very strong in terms of durability and wear resistance. Basically, if it is not violently treated, it is difficult to be damaged. Generally, the size of a stainless steel desk is about 60 cm in width, and the length is about 120 cm. It must be equipped with a corresponding single chair, and the height is generally between 38 cm and 45 cm.

4. Artificial board desk

The cost of wood-based desks does not need to be too much, and the price of wood-based desks on the market is relatively low, basically around 100 yuan.

5. Plastic desk

Plastic desks are generally more commonly used in the manufacture of children's desks, because many children's favorite cartoon and flower elements can be added to the plastic desk. Because it is mainly for the children's market, the size of the plastic desk is relatively small.

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