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Folding bed desk, the whole is very delicate, high-quality natural solid wood (or medium fiber density) board, strengthen the density, can carry a vertical weight of 50KG.

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Folding bed desk, the whole is very exquisite, high-quality natural solid wood (or medium fiber density) board, enhanced density, can carry 50KG vertical weight, thickness 15MM, solid wood wood pattern on the surface, natural log color and texture, natural wood grain (There are a variety of colors to choose from), the surface is smooth, wear-resistant and easy to clean, the semi-circular arc around does not hurt your hands, and the smooth surface of the pattern is delicate and won't hurt your hands.

Reinforced and thickened folding legs, steel plate thickness is 2, refined, high-temperature baking paint treatment, even in cold winter will not feel cold, Nianju self-developed metal reinforced table legs, set with safety switches, lightly click Press the switch, you can freely open and fold the desktop for use and storage. To ensure safety and stability during use, it brings users real convenience and easy experience of the joy of life! This is unmatched by desks on the market.

Folding bed desk, the manufacturer guarantees the quality, is compact and convenient, can be placed on TV, computer, stereo, dining table, desk, sofa, entertainment, card games, field activities, reading and Internet in bed, ___use, easy to carry, convenient and not occupying space, The metal table legs of the limbs are foldable, which saves space when not in use. The quality is reliable and the price is favorable. It is an ideal companion for home office, entertainment and leisure.

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