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Folding bed desks can satisfy people working on the bed. Imagine sitting in the office all day long. The waist is very tired. Work efficiency will inevitably go down. Only by adjusting the working status at home can work efficiency be improved.

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1. Table top: high-quality natural solid wood (or medium fiber density) board, enhanced density, can carry a vertical weight of 50KG, thickness 15MM, solid wood wood pattern on the surface, natural log color and texture, natural wood grain (available in a variety of colors Available), the surface is smooth, wear-resistant and easy to clean. The semi-circular arc around does not hurt your hands. The smooth surface of the pattern is delicate and won't hurt your hands. (The particleboard on the market has low density, poor bearing capacity, low price, and quality cannot be guaranteed. It will deform and crack after using it several times, making it unusable.)

2. Hardware table base: It is made of 2MM thick steel plate, the bearing capacity of the table base can bear 50KG weight, the thickened iron plate is treated with high-temperature baking paint, the metal reinforced table base developed by Nianju's self-developed, is equipped with a safety switch , Gently press the switch, you can freely open and fold the desktop for use and storage. To ensure safety and stability during use, to bring users real convenience and easy experience of the fun of life!

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