How to organize the desk-Alice factoryHow to organize the desk-Alice factory


According to the importance and frequency of use, sort out the unimportant and infrequently used books and put them next to the table or in the cabinet.

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1. If there is a computer on the desk, if the computer is in area C, then you still have to leave a place for yourself to write. After all, the keyboard will not make people feel so comfortable like a pen when thinking.

2. General things and sundries are placed on the right hand side, so that they can be easily accessed at any time. But don't have too many decorative things, it's better to choose things that are often used.

3. The books are best to be erected so that they can be directly extracted. If there is no bookshelf, you can use something to replace it, and you can use a pen holder to stop it on the left (the pen holder is often used). Use some storage boxes on the far right side (the storage boxes have a certain weight to keep the books from falling).

4. If you are a person who often forgets things, it is better to reserve a place for sticky notes. Write down some tasks to be completed.

5. Sometimes you will need some paper documents that will be messy, but if these documents are needed for recent work, it is better to prepare a hook and clip (more convenient than using a file) to clamp and put on the hook, if you don’t need it, just Clean up or archive in time.

6. The desk is best not to be used as a place to eat, but you can reserve a place for cups. It's nice to drink tea or coffee outside of work. As far as the experience of working abroad is concerned, no matter how rudimentary the place is, it will feel very comfortable.

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