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A desk with a height of 80 cm is more appropriate, but you need to look at different materials, including glass, solid wood, and so on.

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How to choose a desk:

1. When selecting, it is inseparable from some joint problems, including slide rails, screws, door hinges, etc., depending on the quality and usability. When choosing, you should know whether your size is appropriate, the area of the desk, and the length and width dimensions should be clear. A higher point is that the color should be matched with the study as a whole. Look at the role of the main user of the study, whether it is study-oriented or leisure-oriented.

2. Chinese-style furniture desks are now popular, and Chinese-style wooden desks with ancient charm are always more attractive. When placing the desk, the desk faces the door, but be careful not to rush the door, as it is against the wall in front of you, so that it can be used in your career and should not be placed in the middle.

3. It is not advisable to place things that are too high on the desk. The combined desk connected to the bookshelf is more suitable, including the position of the desk lamp, which should be placed reasonably. In short, we want to create a good learning and working atmosphere, whether it is a decorative design or a desk. The placement of the small objects and the matching of objects should be paid attention to. Enjoy reading and living in a comfortable environment.

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