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When choosing a desk, many people do not know what the material of the desk is. If you are confused in this regard, you can pay more attention to the various desk selection techniques and precautions, and you may find a more suitable material.

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1. Glass

The glass desk is very beautiful and will give people a high-end fashion feel. Moreover, the glass desk has the characteristics of fire resistance, dirt resistance, and abrasion resistance, which is suitable for modern homes and offices. But Papaya always feels that when the summer is hot, the glass desk is easy to stick to the arm, which is not suitable for the movement of the arm.

2. Baking paint

Lacquered desks are the most commonly used desks in modern offices. This kind of desk has good luster and smooth surface. The appearance is in line with modern aesthetics, and the color matching can be very rich. The most important thing is that this desk is durable and dirt-resistant, and the price is very affordable.

3. Solid wood

Wood has the characteristics of high density, good toughness and high strength. It can not be said that it is warm in winter and cool in summer, but the texture is mild and it makes people feel comfortable. The solid wood desk is durable, resistant to deformation, smooth in texture, and soft in color. It feels a kind of natural freshness in a high-tech modern city. But because solid wood is an organism that constantly breathes, it needs to be placed in an environment with suitable temperature and humidity.

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