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The desk should be placed in a place with plenty of light and fresh air. There should be as much space as possible in front of the desk, and the facing hall should be wide.

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1. Do not place the desk under the beam, otherwise, the person in front of the desk will have a sense of oppression and feel uncomfortable, which is not good for learning.

2. The desk should not face the kitchen and bathroom, and the desk should not face the wall of the master room or bathroom. It can back against the wall of the bathroom or face the kitchen. Because the filthy and humid air in the bathroom directly affects people who are concentrating on reading, it affects the mood and harms health.

3. Avoid placing the desk in the aisle window. The window is also a breath of the house, and it will also bring in anger and disharmony, especially the windows that open to the outdoor sidewalk, will bring in more disharmony, which does not have a good effect on learning.

4. It is not advisable to put in the middle palace. Neither schoolwork nor career will be too good.

5. For desks near the window, pay attention to the sharp corners of other houses within ten meters outside the window. The farther the sharp corner is, the less the impact will be, and the closer it is, the greater the impact.

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