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The wardrobe stays there forever, but the wardrobe door will open and close every day. If the quality is not good, it will bring great trouble to the future use, so when buying the wardrobe door, you must pay great attention to its quality.

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1. Blister type

The base material of the blister board is a density board, and the surface is formed by vacuum blister molding or a seamless PVC film compression molding process is adopted. The blister wardrobe door panel is rich in color, the wood grain is vivid, the color is pure and bright, does not crack or deform, is scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, stain-resistant, and fade-resistant. It is the most mature wardrobe material and simple daily maintenance. Blister door panels are a very mature and popular wardrobe material in Europe.

2. Paint type

Presumably baking paint is very common as a wardrobe sliding door, right? The base material of the baking paint board is MDF, and its surface has been sprayed and baked six times with imported paint. At present, what we call baking varnish is just a kind of different functions, that is, the paint-treated substrate door panel that is heated and dried in the drying room after spraying. This is what we call baking varnish board. Painted panels are often used as wardrobe door materials. They are easy to paint and have a strong visual impact! They are the favored objects of many young people.

3. Wrapped frame type

The cladding frame type is also a kind of material for the closet sliding door. The cladding frame type is medium density board with PVC on the outside. The door core board is a double veneer such as German Aijia decorative board or fireproof board, which is reprocessed by the wardrobe company. Splicing. The sliding door of the covered frame type wardrobe is characterized by rich colors, and the door frame of the sliding door of the wardrobe can be matched with the double decorative panels at will, which fully reflects the personality and fashion of the owner.

4. Crystal type

Crystal-type wardrobe sliding doors are also what we often see. Crystal-type wardrobe sliding doors are actually made of base material, white fireproof board and acrylic. Some small workshops use plexiglass; some standard manufacturers use acrylic. The color of the crystal-type wardrobe sliding door is relatively monotonous, but its transparent and crystal-type characteristics are also a favorite of many consumers.

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