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The wardrobe stays there forever, but the wardrobe door will open and close every day. If the quality is not good, it will bring great trouble to the future use, so when buying the wardrobe door, you must pay great attention to its quality.

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1. Sliding door wardrobe

First of all, the first aluminum wardrobe that I brought to you is a sliding door wardrobe. The designer of this wardrobe uses the simplest lines to create the most practical functions. This aluminum alloy wardrobe is new outside of the daily use space. The addition of the fixed-top cabinet design not only makes it more stable and durable, but also greatly increases its storage space. The silent sliding door track of this aluminum alloy wardrobe is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, so that it is still convenient and smooth for long-term use, quietly.

2. Paint sliding door wardrobe

Next, the aluminum alloy wardrobe that I brought to you is a painted sliding door wardrobe. This aluminum alloy wardrobe mainly uses solid wood particle boards, which are all high-quality environmentally friendly materials. The overall design of this aluminum wardrobe is very simple and modern, and the style is very versatile. This aluminum alloy wardrobe uses a silent device clothes rail, which adopts a multi-layer electroplating process, and the top is embedded with a transparent soft rubber strip, making it environmentally friendly and durable. The aluminum alloy materials used in this aluminum alloy wardrobe are all high-quality materials with good strength, heat resistance and durability.

3. Simple and stylish

In the reasonable space structure design, this aluminum alloy wardrobe has a corner attached cabinet design, which looks very good. The overall society of this aluminum alloy wardrobe adopts a modern style design, which perfectly integrates practical functions into the fashionable vision, making it more beautiful and practical. The classic black and white color design, coupled with the paint process, make the whole more fashionable and beautiful.

4. Fashion black and white

This aluminum alloy wardrobe adopts classic black and white collocation as a whole, making the whole atmosphere very elegant and modern. Concise line design and simple classic color matching, stylish and elegant space and practical design make this aluminum alloy wardrobe look very good. This aluminum alloy wardrobe door adopts high-quality aluminum alloy frame, which makes the overall design modern and simple.

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