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In small-sized houses, storage has always been a more important point, but if the cabinet is made too much, it will not only be too depressing, but will also take up a lot of space. The cabinets are all built-in. In terms of appearance, sure More beautiful, but also more practical!

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1. Entrance shoe cabinet

The shoe cabinet in the porch is the best place to make built-in cabinets, because many long corridors are small in width, and if part of the space is occupied by the cabinet, it will appear very depressing and may even be too crowded. , Will become less comfortable.

2. Dining room side cabinet

The built-in design of the sideboard is not particularly common. Many people buy the finished cabinets directly, and they rarely customize it. The main advantage of the built-in cabinet is that it can make the wall and the cabinet flush, giving people Appreciation of the effect will be more harmonious and harmonious.

3. Living room TV cabinet

The TV background wall in the living room has now become popular for storage, especially for small-sized houses. Every wall is eager to put things, but it is necessary to avoid being too depressing, so the embedded TV Cabinet is a very good choice!

4. Bedroom wardrobe

It is more common for us to choose the embedded design of the bedroom wardrobe. Because most of the bedroom wardrobe walls are built at the back, you can choose the thickness yourself and wrap the cabinet in it. It will also save a part of the money. It is soundproof. The effect is not so good.

5. Balcony lockers

In fact, most of the cabinets on the balcony can be regarded as built-in, because the two ends of it have bearing walls and outer walls. Under normal circumstances, all Yanggu lockers will not exceed the range of the wall. , So it is a natural built-in cabinet pattern.

Built-in cabinets are definitely not suitable for everyone’s homes. The main requirement is the thickness of the wall. If you build the wall yourself, it will be better. Also, for the problem of sound insulation, bricks are definitely more soundproof than wooden boards, and there are also price aspects. , All of them are customized, which will definitely be more expensive than the finished product. This needs to be compared.

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