Ten things to note during the wardrobe installation-Alice factory


Before installation, check work must be done, if abnormalities are found, feedback at the first time in order to make corrections in time.

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1. Before installation, check work must be done, if any abnormality is found, feedback at the first time so that it can be corrected in time.

2. Carefully check the conformity between the drawings and the on-site identification to determine the installation sequence.

3. Pay attention to the protection of the product assembly during installation.

4. The beam position, top line, and cut corners of the closing plate must be carefully checked and cut accurately.

5. Pay attention to the shelf hole surface of the side panel of the cabinet as far as possible not to be placed in the cabinet.

6. When nailing the backboard, use a drawing rule to measure whether the diagonals of the cabinet are equal. If the solid layer is uneven, use a planer to plan the backboard before nailing the backboard.

7. During installation, if the customer raises questions, answer them in time and inform the rationality of the disposal method.

8. If there is a problem with the installation, the installation worker must fill in the installation note when returning to the factory, and place a replenishment order to do a follow-up service.

9. After installation, it must be self-inspected and adjusted first, and then accepted by the customer and signed for confirmation.

10. After the entire installation service process is completed, the customer must return to a clean environment.

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