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In the process of door-to-door installation of cabinets, you need to pay attention to: cabinet corners, location, and installation charges.

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One, the corner of the cabinet

Many people put their minds at ease after inspecting the customized cabinet, thinking that the cabinet is foolproof. In fact, it is not the case. The cabinet is likely to be bumped during transportation to the home, or it may be encountered during the door-to-door installation of the cabinet. If it is damaged, it is necessary to carefully inspect all corners of the cabinet. In fact, the main surface of the cabinet will not be damaged, because some inspections will be made after purchase or customization. In the installation process, it is always possible to damage some corners. Some professional teams will also put protective covers on the corners of these cabinets.

2. Location

The location of the cabinet when installing the cabinet is also very important. The main points are that it cannot block the socket and affect the use. Secondly, consider the real role of the cabinet, such as the bookcase for the children at home. , It needs to be placed against the wall and facing the sun. Finally, it is necessary to consider the degree of humidity in different locations and try to avoid these locations.

3. Installation charges

Generally, there is a charge for door-to-door installation of cabinets. This cost is independent of the cost of the cabinet. It is mainly the transportation cost for the delivery master and the installation cost for the installation master. If you purchase more cabinets, the transportation cost is generally very high. It may be discarded, and its decoration cost cannot be discarded. According to the understanding on the market, this cost is directly related to the installation difficulty of the cabinet, and an appropriate price can be negotiated with the master.

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