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As people's living standards are getting better and better, modern furniture decoration has higher and higher requirements for aesthetics. In the decoration of wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes are highly decorative and do not take up much space. They are very practical and convenient. So it is very popular with renovation owners.

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First use the dust curtain

The sliding door cabinet is dust-proof. We can add a curtain to the inside of the cabinet to block a lot of dust, but this has a small disadvantage, that is, the curtain needs to be removed and cleaned during the later cleaning. , And then reinstall it, which is a bit troublesome.

Second installation solid rail

The dust-proof method of sliding door cabinets also requires the installation of solid rails. Generally, custom-made wardrobes are designed with solid rails. The overall structure is relatively stable and generally does not deform. The use time is very long. Solid rails can be used. Let us better close the cabinet doors of the sliding closet tightly, so that the dustproof of the sliding door cabinet can be effectively achieved.

The third use of dust strips

To prevent dust from sliding door cabinets, you also need to install dust-proof strips on the cabinets. In the past, there was something called a dust-proof door. Because it was cumbersome to install and it was more troublesome to put clothes on, so slowly, not many people used it. At present, the dust-proof strips we use the most for sliding door cabinets are dust-proof strips. They can be installed on both sides of the cabinet door to increase the friction between the two cabinet doors. Not only can it effectively prevent dust from entering, but also It can extend the use time of the wardrobe and is a good dustproof method for sliding door cabinets.

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