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Chinese-style furniture, European-style furniture, American-style furniture, and neo-classical-style furniture have different characteristics.

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1. Chinese-style furniture is symmetrical in shape and contrasting in color. The material is mainly wood, and the patterns are mostly dragons, phoenixes, turtles, lions, etc., which are meticulously crafted and magnificent. Generally divided into Ming-style furniture and Qing-style furniture. Such as Guangdong famous brand: famous sandalwood mahogany furniture.

2. European-style furniture is an important element of European classical style decoration, with Italian, French and Spanish style furniture as the main representatives. Pay attention to hand-made fine cutting and engraving, the outline and turning parts are composed of symmetrical and rhythmic curves or curved surfaces, and are decorated with gilded copper ornaments. The structure is concise, the lines are smooth, the colors are rich, and the artistic sense is strong, giving people a luxurious and elegant , A solemn feeling. Such as Jin Kaisha European style furniture.

3. American furniture is based on the European style and a collection of American native customs and culture. It expresses Americans’ nostalgia for history and civilianizes European royal furniture.

4. Neo-classical style furniture refers to the integration of modern elements on the basis of classical furniture, which conforms to the aesthetic and visual enjoyment of modern people. This style of furniture generally adopts a combination of Chinese and Western styles, has a long service life, and is not easy to be eliminated.

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