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People who American home furnishing is suitable for: white-collar workers who have a certain economic foundation and prefer Western lifestyles. Coveting comfort, taking into account elegance, not only pays attention to the quality of life, but is not overly ostentatious.

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American style furniture is currently more people choose one kind, American style furniture is elegant, graceful, gorgeous and heavy, American style is warm and luxurious, and it has become more and more popular in China in recent years. Many people appreciate American style, not only because of its roughness. , And because of its warmth, just like the personality of the American people, how to match the colors of American furniture more reasonably, and what are the characteristics of American furniture? 

1. Red with white, black, blue-gray, beige, gray. 

2. Brown with beige, goose yellow, brick red, blue-green and black. 

3. Yellow with purple, blue, white, brown and black. 

4. Green with white, beige, black, dark purple, taupe, gray brown. 

5. Blue with white, powder blue, sauce red, gold, silver, olive green, orange, and yellow. American-style furniture has the following characteristics:

1: Nostalgic and romantic American furniture will deeply reveal the Americans' deep nostalgia for history and the beauty of the past. When they design furniture, they will include various cultural elements, highlighting romantic and classical feelings! To

2: Simple and practical Sometimes, American furniture does not necessarily care about the magnificent carvings or luxurious style like European furniture. Generally, American furniture tends to be more civilians, and the noble style is still retained, and the material is good. Choose natural solid wood, some carvings, but not publicity, the emphasis is on practicality! To

3: Individuality innovation Of course, American furniture will also have its own individuality, and will appropriately express Americans’ pursuit of freedom and the spirit of innovation. Some patterns that highlight American culture will also be romantic, individual, and spiritual! To

4: Free and natural. Under normal circumstances, American furniture will express a very casual, natural but comfortable and comfortable style, so that when you return home, you will no longer have pressure and fatigue. Therefore, American furniture will appear more natural. A little more simple and casual! To

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